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Season Six

In The Pale Moonlight

Production # 543
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Aired Week Of: __ _____, 1998
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Original Stardate: 51___._
Order in Season 6: __ Order in DS9: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __

Synopsis - Sisko recounts in a log entry the events of the past 2 weeks, in which he, in collaboration with Garak, used deceit and trechery to bring the Romulans in on their side of the war.

In The Pale Moonlight is another excellent episode that shows us that even 400 years from now, in what is apparently the "good life", mankind, and more approriately in this case, Starfleet Command, is not infallable. Sisko had afterall informed and received the green light from Starfleet, to manufacture evidence concerning a Dominion attack on Romulus, in an effort to goad them into the war. And as for the mankind part, Sisko remains an accessory after the fact to the murders of Romulan Senator Vreenak and Grathon Tolar; a fact which we learn in the end, Starfleet will never know about, as Sisko says that they're a guilt on his conscience that he can live with, and then erases the entrie log entry.

It's interesting how this episode is told, with Sisko laying it all out in a log entry, as he works to find some personal justification for the events of the last two weeks.

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition given: #98: "Every man has his price."


Series' Regulars
Captain Benjamin Sisko™ - Avery Brooks
Major Kira Nerys™ - Nana Visitor
Lt. Cmdr. Worf™ - Michael Dorn
Constable Odo™ - René Auberjonois
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax™ - Terry Farrell
Dr. Julian Bashir™ - Alexander Siddig
Chief Miles Edward O'Brien™ - Colm Meany
Quark™ - Armin Shimmerman
Garak - Andrew J. Robinson
Weyoun - Jeffrey Combs
Damar - Casey Biggs
Station Computer Voice - Judi Durand
Morn - Uncredited

Guest Cast
Grathon Tolar - Howard Shangraw
Senator Vreenak - Stephen McHattie

Teleplay by:

Michael Taylor
Story by: Peter Allan Fields
Directed by: Victor Lobl

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