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Season Six

His Way

Production # 544
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Aired Week Of: __ _____, 1998
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Original Stardate: 51___._
Order in Season 6: __ Order in DS9: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __

Synopsis - After Bashir introduces the senior staff to a hip-swinging holographic lounge singer of 1950's Earth in his latest program, and indicating that this lounge singer, Vic Fontaine, was good with advice on matters of ther heart, Odo seeks advice regarding himself and Kira, while the major is visiting Shakaar on Bajor.

His Way is another episode in the saga of Odo's pursuit of Kira. This episode has a similar layout to the B-story of the Next Generation episode The Outrageous Okona in which Data sought advice on "what is funny" from a holodeck comic. This time out Odo is seeking love advice from a '50s lounge singer; combined with the build-up we've had to this episode over the past several years, makes a very good story. The climax, on the Promenade, really sends sparks flying. There is also a nice tie-in to the fourth season episode, Our Man Bashir. Vic mentions he took Kira's image from one of Bashir's spy programs which had her image in it; and that he also had to get rid of a Russian accent. In Our Man Bashir, Kira, along with the rest of the senior staff had had their physical patterns stored in the holodeck, after a transporter accident, and they took on the roles of Bashir's program.


Series' Regulars
Captain Benjamin Sisko™ - Avery Brooks
Major Kira Nerys™ - Nana Visitor
Lt. Cmdr. Worf™ - Michael Dorn
Constable Odo™ - René Auberjonois
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax™ - Terry Farrell
Dr. Julian Bashir™ - Alexander Siddig
Chief Miles Edward O'Brien™ - Colm Meany
Quark™ - Armin Shimmerman

Guest Cast
Melissa - Debi A. Monahan
Ginger - Cyndi Pass
Vic Fontaine - James Darren

Teleplay by:

Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

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