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Season Seven


Production # 555
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Aired Week Of: __ _____, 1998
Order in Season 7: __ Order in DS9: __
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Original Stardate: 52___._
Order in Season 7: __ Order in DS9: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __

Synopsis - Doctor Bashir attempts a revolutionary new procedure to help bring Sarina, whose side-affect of her genetic enhancement has kept her closed up and mute, out of her own mind.

Chrysalis brings back to the station the four genetically engineered patients whom Bashir had previously helped in last season's Statistacal Probabilities. All four actors wonderfully reprised their roles. While the first episode dealt mostly with Jack, Patrick and Lauren, this episode focussed heavily on Sarina. Interesting to see that once she was able to express herself, she became basically normal. In what is probably one of the best scenes of the entire series, the four genetically enhanced "mutants" sing and beautifully improvise on the scale, "do, re, me...". I normally tend not to enjoy that type of music, but I have to honestly admit that I was moved by their performance. All had really good voices.


Series' Regulars
Captain Benjamin Sisko™ - Avery Brooks
Major Kira Nerys™ - Nana Visitor
Lt. Cmdr. Worf™ - Michael Dorn
Constable Odo™ - René Auberjonois
Ezri Dax™ - Nicole DeBoer
Dr. Julian Bashir™ - Alexander Siddig
Chief Miles Edward O'Brien™ - Colm Meany
Quark™ - Armin Shimmerman
Jake Sisko™ - Cirroc Lofton

Nog - Aron Eisenberg

Guest Cast
Jack - Tim Ransom
Sarina - Fairth C. Salie
Lauren - Hilary Shepard Turner
Patrick - Michael Keenan

Written by:

René Echevarria
Directed by: Jonathan West

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