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Season Seven

Once More Unto The Breach

Production # 557
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Aired Week Of: 9 November, 1998
Order in Season 7: 7 Order in DS9: 157
Order for all Star Trek series: __
Original Stardate: Unknown
Order in Season 7: *__ Order in DS9: *__
Order for all Star Trek series: *__

Synopsis - As Martok prepares to take the ninth fleet on a series of raids, Worf tries to help an old friend die with honour in battle.

Once More Unto The Breach sees the final appearance of Kor on Star Trek; a role portrayed by Canadian actor John Collicos since his first appearance in 1967 in the first season Original series episode, Errand Of Mercy.


Series' Regulars
Captain Benjamin Sisko™ - Avery Brooks
Major Kira Nerys™ - Nana Visitor
Lt. Cmdr. Worf™ - Michael Dorn
Constable Odo™ - René Auberjonois
Ezri Dax™ - Nicole DeBoer
Dr. Julian Bashir™ - Alexander Siddig
Chief Miles Edward O'Brien™ - Colm Meany
Quark™ - Armin Shimmerman
Jake Sisko™ - Cirroc Lofton


Guest Cast

Written by:

Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

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